Promote ideal postural alignment and balance

Many practitioners report that the majority of their patients have very poor posture due to many factors which include the impact of sitting at computers, TV and other sedentary life style issues. There are also certain postural conditions associated with specific sport activities such as cycling, etc. Poor posture can have a negative effect on an individual’s health. Using Kangoo Jumps assures ideal posture by forcing your foot placement to be at the best possible angle directly below the pelvic girdle that ultimately supports the alignment of the whole body.

Many customers report that they breathe in such a way to fill their lungs to capacity when using Kangoo Jumps providing thus more oxygen for the brain, muscles, etc., to function at an optimal level. Some benefits that customers report are that they have more energy, faster response time to stimuli, longer attention span and that they feel more vibrant and alive.

Balance is an important issue and has become a frequent complaint from patients while speaking with their practitioner. Again, a more sedentary life style has influenced this issue. Consistent movement with properties that are identified as “Proprioceptive” is necessary to assure proper balance. Proprioceptive activity is defined as stimulating the spine and harmonizing all of the mechanoreceptors located in your extremity. Kangoo Jumps assure that optimum “balance” occurs in a safe and effective manner for individuals of all ages and activity levels.

KJ correct posture and naturally realign the body

Because of the rounded shape of their soles, Kangoo Jumps naturally prevents you from adopting bad postures. You automatically align your body in order to keep your balance.

Wits University in Johannesburg – South Africa, is in the process of conducting the most comprehensive study ever made with Kangoo Jumps (testing about 800 parameters!). The section on body posture is already finished. It shows pictures of reference subjects, before starting the KJ program and 3 months after. The differences are amazing!

A large portion of the population has chronic back pain, which, in most cases, is due to a bad posture. The use of Kangoo Jumps will in most cases eliminate (or at least alleviate) the pain and prevent it from recurring.

Correct supination and pronation:

Most of us either pronate or supinate, to some degree. Look at the soles of your shoes: if the inner side is more worn, you pronate. If it is the outside portion, you supinate. When running, supination or pronation creates a rotation movement in your ankles and knees, which can become painful and create lesions.

A Swiss chiropodist scientific study shows that Kangoo Jumps correct pronation and supination conditions, however especially when the problem originates from the lower leg. This is quite logical to understand: Kangoo Jumps are about 6 inches higher than normal shoes and the soles are laterally flat. When you don’t land flat with the sole, you get the impression that you might twist our ankle. So we instinctively correct the foot position. However, when the problem originates from the upper leg (knee, hip), KJ cannot fully correct the condition.

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